Best of Both Worlds


I am now living the best of both worlds because of my mentor Brad Traversy.

For those who didn't know, Brad Traversy is one of the most popular and effective Web Development teachers in the world today
He created Traversy Media that is one of the top educational platforms that provides Free courses. His YouTube channel has 677 thousand subscribers where most of his followers learn to do Web Applications from scratch all the way to the end product.

Through his thorough and very detailed courses, Brad was able to improve the lives of many. Giving them the confidence and the new skill to have a promising career in Web Development.
I happened to be one of them.

I am a father of an autistic child. My son's name is Lorenzo. He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old.
Everything went to ashes when me and my wife found out the critical condition of our youngest son. My son's unnatural syndrome put a heavy anchor on both of my feet making me feel weak and helpless.

For 10 years, I had to jump from one job to another just to balance both my work and my family in order. My job was giving me and my family food on the table but it was certainly taking a toll on my autistic son's life.
People with autism need all the time and attention. The job that I had was taking too much time away from my son.

What can I do? I need to give time to Lorenzo but I also need to provide for my family?

Then came in Brad Traversy. I started with just watching one of his tutorial videos on YouTube. That one video turned into two and then the next and the next.
A week after I began to make small Web Apps from his free courses. I learned about Git and Github. I absorbed a lot of React.js and Node lessons. The NPM got my attention to code for more.
Then I built my own Portfolio Website (using also Brad's courses).

In just 3 months, I have done all of that. Brad gave me the inspiration that all hope is not lost even when I am getting old.
Mr. Traversy too has an autistic son but he managed to do his work (teaching newbies) and spend quality time with his son Nicky. He is the perfect person for me to imitate.
He turned a disadvantage into an advantage. He converted a flaw into an asset.

Brad gave a culminating route that is best for me and my family. Now, I can earn a living (through Web Development) and also spend an abundant amount of my time to my autistic son Lorenzo. Good to know that my prayer has finally been answered.
Like Brad, I now have the "Best of Both Worlds"!

Today, I just finished creating another Web App from his Udemy courses. I got his "NewsGrid" code tricks that I'll be using for my New Blog.
And while I was doing that, I now had a lot of time to bring my son to the beach even on a weekday. We go camping and storytelling at night. I am like in vacation mode with my family while still earning in the Web Development department.
These are simply the new things that I don't have when I was still in corporate. A blessing that I got from Brad.

Watching Brad's YouTube video was one of the greatest changeovers in my life.
He doesn't only teach you how to CODE, he also teaches you how to LIVE your life to the happiest level that you can ever imagine.

Francis Isberto