COVID-19 is here, Time for your Startup to Shine



Most Startups Die right before they even Succeed. In fact, 90% of them never get to the promised land. Startups fail simply because of these...
=> No Market Need
=> Ran Out of Cash
=> Get Outcompeted
=> Poor Marketing

It's a normal routine. It happens all the time. People are used to it.
Investors get skeptical. And so on and so on...

It's all downhill from here... waiting for it to Crash!


Now comes more bad news. The highly contagious COVID-19 has slowly crept in our soil. American Health Authorities said they ultimately expect the novel coronavirus to spread in the United States.
In reality, it already started. The hardest hit is Washington State and California.
This annoying virus has spread its wings and scattered this dreaded disease to more places. States like New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, etc (many more to come I'm afraid).
It will totally disrupt our lives...

Local government is about to close down schools. We are witnessing hundreds of cancelation of flights and mass gathering events.
Hoarding of food in groceries and supermarket is already happening. It's just a matter of time before chaos checks in.

Lockdown could be a possibility. We could be living in a prison-like territory where before was once a beautiful, peaceful, and progressive place.


Do you believe in the saying "In the midst of every Crisis, lies Great Opportunity"?>

As the Coronavirus worsens, Tech Companies are now focusing on Collaboration and Remote Work.

Did you hear what I just said? This is the best time for your Startup to Shine.
It's the moment to play catch up and get ahead amongst the big tech companies of today.

In this time of crisis, Startups are now leveling the playing field. They are winning the "Remote Game" as we speak.

Startups will have an edge especially those who are on the rise right now.
Startups like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Voice Recognition Technology, Big Data, Hyper-Personalization, and The Internet of Things (loT tech).

Still in doubt? Allow me to elaborate more...


Compared to Big Tech Companies, Startups are smaller and less structured. They are also innovative and keep improving their business models.
These allow them to adapt to any kind of disruptions (like the COVID-19). They fit perfectly to any kind of change in any type of market conditions.

Established companies have high administrative overheads. Startups operate in a more efficient, cost-effective and competitive manner.
Doing Remote Work or Telecommuting lowers office costs. And as a Startup, every penny counts. Startup owners need to make smart decisions and keep a close look at the impact of their investments.
While saving money shouldn’t be the primary advantage of supporting a remote work culture, it certainly can be a perk.

In the Bible, David defeated Goliath in just one swift stroke. The same story can also apply to your diminutive and teensy-weensy Startup.


The general rule of thumb, any Startup can count on the usage of business applications remotely to be about the same as when the worker was in the office.
This is in stark contrast with the other side of the equation: Communication and collaboration tools.

Due to its inherently isolating nature, remote work relies much more on digital communications and especially modern workforce collaboration tools such as team chat (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, etc), enterprise social networks (Igloo, LumApps, SAPJam, etc.), unified communications/instant messaging solutions, as well as business mainstays like e-mail, phone, and web conferencing/meeting tools like GoToMeeting and Zoom.


So what will happen after the COVID-19 subsides?
Big Tech Companies will be back flexing its muscles and snatching their arena which was really theirs.
What will happen to the small Startups? Is it back to the drawing board? Will they go back to scavenge off the scraps and leftovers of the Big Tech Companies?

Don't worry much about it. Your Startup should have gained many customers by then.
You have gotten a fair share of the market, establishing your business in the Tech industry.

But what if not?
If you have not achieved anything during the time of crisis, that's alright too since you have attained momentum and confidence to continue your climb towards success.

Your Startup has escaped the rest of 90% of Startups who have failed in their journey.
You are now in a place that we call a "Safe Zone". The COVID-19 crisis has somewhat helped your business springboard to a higher, better, and more established ground.

And because of that, your Startup has become an entity. People now know you and your business. You have grabbed a piece of the pie of the ever congested and competitive market.

Just don't forget to take care of your customers.. will ya.
The important thing is to guarantee your clients that you have a committed reliable technology, expanded access, and agile customer service.

Napoleon Hill once said... "Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form of misfortune"!

Your Startup has already sparkled. You just don't know it yet!

Francis Isberto