Loyal to the Tree


When you want to learn something, you always search and typically go to GOOGLE.
It is designed to solve your plumbing problems, help you with your Thesis, and assist you in finding your dream home.
So when I was looking for a career change and thinking of going into Web Development... and like most people, I did too go to GOOGLE.
There were lots of Online Educational platform with good recommendation but only TEAMTREEHOUSE that got my 100% attention.

So why Treehouse? First is that their courses are mostly devoted to beginners and newbies like me. Their school will make every student understand the basic principles of coding and not get intimidated by it.
They also have an integrated Workspace (their own IDE version) that is capable of all the typical file manipulations you need in a text editor, such as creating new files, renaming them, moving them, and deleting them. You can also upload your own files and projects from your computer.

Second, they are not BORING compared to the rest. With their expertise in CSS and Web Design, TEAMTREEHOUSE was able to make all their video courses come to life, making their students eager to watch for more. You can come in their site, watch their videos, and notice that you've been watching the entire day. That is how fascinating they are.

Third, is they give their students a Sense of Accomplishment.
Whenever a student finishes a particular course or track, the institution will give Points showing what they accomplished. It gives the newbies a reward and a "Pat in the Back" for their efforts and for the time that they devoted to the course. It also encourages them to move on to the next level making it faster to reach their goal.

In summary, TEAMTREEHOUSE gave me the roots and foundational skills to enter the Web Development World. Through them, I learned how to code and create projects for my own and for my valued clients.

As the years go by, while I was slowly transforming from Beginner to Intermediate, I got the chance to meet other mentors in the Web Development sector.
These New Mentors brought me to the path of taking advanced courses to gain a deeper skill for me to be a Full Pledge Full Stack Developer. During that time, I was engaged with more Back-End development. Indulging in more Web Frameworks, Server architecture, and Database administration.

Though I've matured as Web Developer, I always make it point to come back to my Alma Mater TEAMTREEHOUSE whenever I have the time.
I browsed through their new tracks and courses and also get involved in their COMMUNITY forum by helping the Newbies with their coding problems. It's my way of showing gratitude towards the institution who gave me the key to a promising Web Development career.

Until now, I am still learning from TEAMTREEHOUSE. Maybe not much of coding but more of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
Right now, I am getting positive inputs from TEAMTREEHOUSE CEO and Founder Ryan Carson. Like every Web Developer, I too have a deep interest in building my very own Startup.
To give something of value, to acquire multiple users & customers, and to monetize my site in the process. To scale up and growth hack my way to success.

And the exact person that could help me with this, is no other than the "King Of Education".
The guy who have 286,000 students in 190 countries and $15M in annual revenue... TEAMTREEHOUSE CEO Ryan Carson.
He is one classic example that you can follow and hopefully imitate to manufacture your own version of success.

I remember him saying... "The secret of our success is by giving QUALITY video courses".
And that should be everyone's Mantra. Giving out our best and showing the prime quality in us. Taking a decent amount of time to study and do research to build something that will be valuable to everybody.

That's what TEAMTREEHOUSE taught me before, and that is what TEAMTREEHOUSE is teaching me still even to this very day.

Francis Isberto