Web Developers can now invest & earn as an Angel Investor for as little as $10


Yes, every Web Developer can now earn by investing through Startup companies of their choice. For a minimum investment of $10, everyone can now be an Investor.

And as the company of your choice grows, your investment and returns grow also, giving you an additional semi-passive income to go along with your monthly salary and personal side-projects.

Obviously, like in any kind of investment, there are always risk involved.
But Republic.co (an equity investing platform company) will make sure that each investor will receive a financial stake in the company in the form of a security called "Crowd SAFE".
This company (who is part of the family of Angelist and Product Hunt) will guide you every step of the way. They will advise you to "Diversify" and spread your investments across multiple companies to expand financial risk.
Republic.co will encourage you to invest in companies that you love, believe in their mission, product or service, and not just for the potential profit and return.

It's a good thing that the Republic.co came to existence because they were able to identify the common problems of each startup... the money to grow.
They know that every startup success depends on their ability to get funded. This makes room for more startups to sprout from the ground, more promising ideas and projects, and more upcoming investors & entrepreneurs (like you and I).

In the past, only the Wealthy People were allowed to invest in early-stage private startup companies but now... you and everybody else can now be an Angel Investor in the company of your choice.
You will now enjoy the autonomy and excitement of investing in a new idea. Witness growth and returns as your startup grow. Opportunity to work as a mentor and Angel Investor group.
And undeniably, reap networking opportunities.

And as Web Developers, we can add a "Kicker" or "Added Value" to the company that we invested in. Remember that we have chipped in financially to their project. The startup companies know who we are and our dedication to the program.
It's quite possible that this company might be calling us whenever they need our service in regards to Web Development.
We could do some Front-end project maintenance and modification to their site or Web app.
We could also be their main guy in terms of Back-end development, implement server-side logic, develop databases, and probably assign new deployment and design architecture.
You are not only an investor to their company but also as their "Top Gun" in their Web Development team.
Both parties benefiting from each other that could lead to a long and lasting business relationship.

Being an Angel Investor (even as a small one) will make you a better person.
You can now add that Title Name (A.I or Angel Investor) to your calling card, resume, and to your website, making you more Respected and Adored in the Web Development and Business community.

I, for one, have personally signed up to Republic.co.
Like you, I also want to invest $10 in private startups. I am so thrilled to pick the company of my liking. The startups that are raising funds as of today. Get the chance to know the founders and their mission statement. Then set realistic expectations.
Not only it will create a potential Semi-Passive Income for me but more importantly, I am part of something that I believe in.

And when that particular company has reached its full potential. When they have accumulated a great amount of user base and following. When they have attained their target earnings and now making big bucks.
I will smile and look back to this day and say... "Damn, I'm sure glad that I made that right decision"!

Francis Isberto