How Web Developers stay on Top just by using their Email?


Web Developers (especially those in Full Stack) are so busy these days.
From coding and modifying web apps. From layout to function accordingly to a client's specification. And endless programming, testing and debugging.
Their primary responsibilities include designing user interactions on websites, developing servers for website functionality and generating for mobile platforms.
They are known for creating and using APIs and usage of push notifications. Working with system infrastructure including hardware and OS. Understanding and querying databases.
Not to mention Project management and implementation of security & data protection.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

They still need to be updated with the latest technology, software and programming language or they will be left out in the cold, Obsolete and worthless to the Web Development world.

The bigger question is... do Web Developers still able to find time to learn something new and keep on improving, with all the burdensome tasks and assignments they need to accomplish every single day???
I highly doubt that. They are so Buried with work and coding issues. They simply don't have the time.

Good thing that there is
It is a place for recent news, updates, and various newsletters being delivered by a group of people who are an authority to the topic.
Everything that you need to get information from, you can get it from this site. Just about anything under the sun...
Topics like "Inside Venture Capital", "Inside San Francisco", "Inside Bitcoin", "Inside Beer", and even "Inside Trump".

And for Web Developers, there is "Inside Dev".
At the moment, it's one of the most popular newsletters from the company who earned $1.1 million in revenue last year. For "Inside Dev", there are about 10,000 subscribers who get a good amount of thoughtful news and links from the Web Development Industry every single day.
This is certainly "Good News" to all Web Developers out there.
All they need to do is subscribe to "Inside Dev" then it's pretty much automated, where they will get all the news and updates straight to their Email inbox. This will save them a great amount of time.
They will gather new skills and knowledge from the "Inside Dev" subscription and also get to focus on their work and/or project simultaneously.
It's like hitting 2 birds in 1 stone. doesn't stop from there. They are continuously growing and expanding by adding "Up-and-coming newsletter" for the future.
Let's take "Inside Remote Jobs" newsletter for example. As of today, it has 1,270 subscribers.
To get this newsletter to launch, they need to get a total of 2,000 subscribers to get it up and running.
Once they hit that mark, people like you can now subscribe to "Inside Remote Jobs" and get a weekly roundup of great remote jobs/gigs in the development, sales, marketing, and more.

CEO of Jason Calacanis makes sure that we get the best reliable and origin of news by hiring news junkies who are passionate about the topics they cover.
The tool was specifically designed for busy people (like you) by delivering the news straight to your email. Mr. Calcanis also made it a point that even if his readers don't click through all of the newsletters (which is a lot), he's still able to let his readers walk away properly informed.
With 750,000 active subscribers, it is safe to say that has reached the top of the food chain and has established itself as one of the most reliable news sites out there.
The company has assembled a good chunk of super highly engaged audience. Readers are now trusting the site, consume much info as possible, and has made these newsletters a part of their daily media diet.

Web Developers doesn't have Super Powers like Superman & Wonder Woman.
They are also Humans like us. They bleed, perspire, and get sick from all of the numerous hours of work.
But Web Developers can somewhat be a Super Hero (like Batman who uses his utility belt) to offset his human flaws &weaknesses.
If Batman has his utility belt, then Web Developers certainly has

Francis Isberto