Living in Silicon Valley doesn't need to be expensive...
if you know how to use "Flip"


Silicon Valley is the "Holy Grail" for most people. It is the home to many world's largest High-Tech Corporations, including the headquarters of businesses in the Fortune 1000, and not to mention... the thousands of Promising Startup Companies.
Silicon Valley also accounts for one-third of all the Venture Capital Investment in the country today.
It is a place where most Web Developers want to go for work. Committing full time and getting paid generously with all the good perks in it.

The only problem is that Silicon Valley (perhaps the whole Northern California for that matter) is notorious for its Jaw-Dropping Real Estate Prices.
In other words, the rent will cost everyone an arm and a leg. The ongoing median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco stands at $3,500 a month.
That is basically half of the salary for Web Developers in the United States. That doesn't even include the other annual necessities in the metro which includes food, transportation, healthcare, savings, and other discretionary spending.
It's totally absurd and unacceptable.

But don't worry guys! We now have the option to use Flip. is a New York-based company whose main purpose is to help both the landlord and of course... us, the lessee. The whole point of Flip is to facilitate legally subletting an apartment for a long-term stay. It offers landlords a level of security and gives renters greater flexibility.
On average Flip leases typically come in at about 6 months, but the agreements can range anywhere from 3 months to a full year.

Flip chief executive Susannah Villa said essentially her company's main objective is to be an advocate, assistant, and a housing expert all rolled into one. You can now lease short time or for as long as you want.
Do you want "Castles in the sky" properties? They have those, you can go ahead and book them. Do you want "Affordable Private Rooms"? They have those too... perfect for your 6-month stay in Silicon Valley.
Flip can assist you with seamless transitions and they will help you coordinate with just about everything... from furniture storage, finding addresses, and utility provider updates.

The normal process starts with getting pre-qualified. Then you can look for the property that you want. If you find a lease that works for you, you may contact the landlord directly to arrange a viewing.
Once you’ve settled on the lease you want, put down a deposit through the app. Flip holds your payment in escrow until both parties agree to the transaction.
After everything is settled you can now... Move in! Simple as that.

This is perfect for those who are trapped in San Francisco yet wanted to break a lease, but felt ambushed by their contract. It's like being a prisoner in Alcatraz. No way of getting out of it.
Flip can set you free. They can help you by allowing you to either sublet or get out of your lease. They will take charge of in-app payments, rent guarantees and generic legal documents to streamline the subletting process.

The idea is to Level the Playing Field in the real estate market. To completely change how people think about rentals.
That both sides (the listers and the renters) can both stand to Benefit from a more Flexible Rental Plan.

Earning good money from a career that you want is really amazing. But the cost of living can eat all of that up. Especially when the housing market has gone crazy.
Take it easy and chill! Just concentrate on your Web Development Jobs.
Download the app, do a few clicks, and let Flip do the worrying for you.

Francis Isberto