Is Web Dev School still worth it?


Newbies who want to have a career in Web Development are constantly ambitious and impatient. They want to get a job in their dream company with a high salary and all the benefits and perks in it. Little did they know that it takes time to master one skill before getting noticed by recruiters and employers.
Most newbies go to the route of "Self Study". They enroll in online technology institution, watch multiple YouTube tutorial videos, read books, listen to podcasts, and read a lot of coding blogs from different experts. They go over and over at it again and again. Rinse and repeat until they mastered the skill that they want to be hired in.
Unfortunately, that takes indefinite months (maybe even years) in order to fully attain that. Most of the newbies can't afford to wait that long.

The problem with Self Study is that nobody is guiding you. It's only you that you fully rely on, therefore making more mistakes in the process. Mistakes that can take more time away from you. There are lots of obstacles and hurdles (not to mention getting stuck a lot in coding problems) when nobody is mentoring you.
Most of the time, you get confused with so many sources that you don't know whom to follow.
And the sad part of it, most of these mentors, tutors, and authors are so busy answering to their thousands of followers. They simply can not answer all of their queries... do you think they can find time to answer yours? Good luck with that!

That is why technology training school was invented. It was created mainly for people like you. They normally have Fewer Students (not unlike with the mentor with a lot of followers) and they have this fixed schedule and curriculum for you.
Everything is all organized and plan out until the day that you graduate. You are Guided every step of the way.

These type of school was so effective that all of sudden it became like a "Thing" and was mushrooming from all over the place.
Okay then, so what school can you go to... One school that I can recommend is Rithm School.
It is a 16 week Web Development Bootcamp founded by bootcamp instructors. An Institution based in San Francisco that is focused on small class sizes and individual growth. They are so into a niche that they have a class of only 18 students.

Rithm is a 4-month Full Stack Web Development program where their curriculum is centered around Javascript and Python. It features 3 weeks for students to work as interns for companies in the Bay Area and let their learners build and create Real-World Projects (the one thing very necessary to be a good Web Developer).
And after all of that, they have over 85% of their students get hired within six months of graduating with a median salary of $110,000. Not too shabby, isn't it?

Rithm School works closely with partner companies to ensure that the curriculum is top quality and relevant, enabling graduates to hit the ground running from day one.
With a small student to teacher ratio and experienced instructors, students can move faster and cover more material than in other bootcamps.

What if you're short on money? No worries... students can choose a "Deferred Tuition Option", and if you not learning at the pace necessary to be successful during the first six weeks of the program, Rithm offers a full refund and the opportunity to apply for a later class.
This means that you won’t have to pay any tuition until you find a job as an engineer.

The company offers opportunities that enable its students to connect and work in projects for Venture-Backed Companies or to contribute to the open source.
Here are some of the companies that they partnered with... Partner Companies

Classes are held Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm at Rithm's San Francisco campus.
You'll typically be coding for a majority of the day, either alone or in pairs. Instructors will lecture on more conceptual topics in the morning and afternoon.
In the later afternoon and evenings, you'll have material to read, watch, and review in order to solidify your understanding and prepare for the next day. You’ll practice by contributing to open source and/or partner company applications.
After 13 weeks of instruction, you will focus on behavioral and technical Interview Skills.
The school's network of Hiring Partners puts its graduates in an excellent position to succeed quickly in the job search.

Getting a "Real World Experience" is the key to be a master at coding. And when you are a master at it, companies will surely come looking for you. It's that experience where you gain perfection and you will be surprised that coding challenge to you won't look like a challenge anymore.
Let Rithm School give you that experience. And believe me... once you graduate, and working in a prestigious company, you will then say to yourself... "This is one Memorable Experience that I won't ever regret"!

Francis Isberto